Whole cuts join the plant meat universe
A friend once called us “the Salvador Dali of meats” because of how surreal our plant meats are. I mean, how could we not agree with that dope description? Our egos would never allow for that. Indeed, we are a squad of gourmet aficionados, lovers of all things fine, hedonists with science degrees, protein-curious chefs who like to paint, comedians mad serious about social justice, philosophers dripping with idealism in a world oozing pessimism, or perhaps we could be called protein-poets, trying to write a fresh verse in a weird-ass food system, that just doesn't f*ing function.

And like most people, we like burgers, but we like whole cuts as well. So we took plants into our own hands and decided to crack the texture of steaks, and create a line of plant meats, that take the "special occasion" out of "prime" and bring fine culinary pleasures into every kitchen. It wasn’t easy. It’s still not perfect. But it is surreal, as one person says.
The making of a plant-based steak.
We don’t print meat, nor do we grow it in a lab. With the power of thunder and universal love, we forged a massive machine in the depths of lush forests within the country which gave birth to Luka Dončič and Melania Trump. Meat-o-Matic 9000™ is what we called it due to lack of imagination at the time. Alas, with its powerful force of goodness and niceness, it layers proteins into linear fibers, mimicking muscle structures.

The quality of protein is key for a good and nutritious steak, that is why the Meat-O-Matic 9000 doesn’t accept anything but the best ingredients. It also blessed us with the ability to create lush marbling akin to super expensive steaks, enabling us to bring democracy to the meat game. *eagle sounds in the back*
Not a copy, but an original masterpiece.
We analyzed all parameters of animal meat and found some key features to improve: flavor longevity, juiciness retention, crust development, nutrition profile, retronasal aroma, olfaction satisfaction activation, emotion & memory evocation, just to name a few. Meat is an art of endless expressions. Animal meats are limited in creativity, but with plant meat, we unlock god-like capabilities, with which we can create an experience of utmost indulgence. A new era of meat is upon us, the days of reckoning are here, it is time for all of us to fire up our grill (or induction plate) and begin sizzling juicy plant steaks, and not our precious sexy planet.
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