Meats to gather friends & fam around.
Is there anything better than connecting through food? Don’t answer that you perv. Anyway, burgers are great, but there are so many other dishes we love to cook and we missed a good piece of plant meat.

So we took plants into our own hands and recreated the filet mignon, a notoriously tender piece of meat. It's versatile and so easy to use. A sprinkle of salt goes a long way.
The making of a plant-based steak.
Our meats are not made in a lab, nor do we print them. We created our very own Meat-o-matic Reverse Grinder™ 9000. It mimics muscle texture by layering soy protein into linear fibers. It's a simple, 100% physical process using natural ingredients. The quality of protein is key for a good and nutritious steak, so we only source the good stuff.

Btw, we didn't intend to make a copy/paste version of animal meat. We recreated what we liked about it, but we set out to improve the rest.
Not a copy, but an original masterpiece.
We analysed all parameters of animal meat and found some key features to improve - flavor longevity, juiciness retention, crust development and the nutrition profile. We believe no meat is alike, nor should it be. Even if you only compare different kinds of beef, you'll find infinite expressions, much like with cheese.

While the subtleties of flavor might differ,  the experience remains undeniably meaty.

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