Introducing Whole-Cuts.
In a world so painfully serious, yet so ridiculous, you knew it was only a matter of time before plant-based steak became a thing.
This is a cut of an original Marbles’ loin. Velvety inside, insane crust capabilities, nutritionally dense, super yummy, and your kitchen’s next dirty secret.
For a whole world of options.
What are you cooking? Steaks, broths, sandwiches? Bowls, platters, roasts ...wellingtons? Marbles got you covered. It’s raw and unseasoned so you can cook anything your diabolical mind can think of. Go wholesome or go nasty. It’s all you, baby.
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Lush marbling, prime flavor.
‘Intramuscular’ fat akin to prime grade cuts keeps the meat moist during cooking. Ensuring a juicy steak full of deeply permeating flavours and aromas.
That golden
brown crust.
Marbles' meats develop a rich crust. Giving you that signature crisp, while the center stays soft and velvety.
Wholesome AF.
A complete amino acid profile, 26g of protein per serving, a generous helping of iron and b12, low saturated fat and cholesterol, and a Nutriscore of ‘A’.

Suck it, kale.
Real people, real situations.
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WOULD YOU LIKE prime plant meats ON your restaurant MENU?
The poetry of meat.
“Forget what you know, and just take a bite.” - Jean Luc Pierre