The first filet mignon made from plants.
A ridiculously tender piece of plant meat, made for adventurous home cooks, not willing to sacrifice flavor, nutrition or creativity. ✌️
The first filet mignon made from plants.
A ridiculously tender piece of plant meat, made for daring home cooks and flavor explorers who love to get creative.🤏
all natural
Poke it and it jiggles. The texture is firm, while the linear fibre placement results in juicy chunks tearing away softly, like real muscle. It’s succulent, it’s luscious, it’s outrageous. 💦
Lush marbling,
deep flavor.
“Intramuscular” fat structure is akin to prime grade cuts. Marbling keeps the meat moist during cooking, ensuing in a juicy steak full of beefy, deeply perturbing flavors and aromas. 👄
Royal crust,
velvety insides.
Unlike beef, soy enables rapid crust development resulting in a signature crisp with gentle sweet undertones. The centre remains soft like a perfectly done medium rare filet.
Unseasoned &
ready for you.
We make raw, real plant meats. They’re not pre-seasoned. Everybody has their own preferences and we want to enable you as much space for creativity as you need.
A versatile piece of meat.
Being home-chefs ourselves, we always love a chance to indulge our family & friends with a variety of dishes. After all, who else would forgive our mad flavor experiments?
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